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Bhaworiya – Upcoming Assamese Movie 2018

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Bhaworiya, ভাৱৰীয়া  Show Timing in Assam (4th Jan – 10 Jan 2019)

bhaworiya assamese movie show time


Bhaworiya, (Assamese: ভাৱৰীয়া) is an upcoming Assamese movie directed by Biswajit Kalita. The movie is under the banner of S.N.G Production and produced by Pankaj Kumar Jain. The movie is scheduled to release on 4th January 2019.

The story and screenplay of Bhaworiya is also from director Biswajit Kalita.

Cast : Bishnu Kharghoriya, Pubali, Jyoti Kishor, Nipon Goswami, Atul Pasoni, Hiranya Das, Debajani

Birubala Rabha will have a guest appearance.

The movie is based on Dhulia Bhawona (Dhul/Dhool, ঢোল – Drum) (Dhuliya, ঢুলীয়া – Drummers ) (Bhawona / Bhaona, ভাওনা – Folk Drama). It is another important folk drama of Assam. It is the major traditional performance in the North Kamrup, Assam area from time immemorial.

Director Biswajit Kalita was associated with a drama group during his college days in Dokkhin Kamrup Mohabidyaloy, Mirza, Assam, which staged a few  full scale drama in the area and gathered accolades from the people. They staged the drama Bhaworiya as well in late 90s. Now the same story will made as a full length feature film.

Playback Singers: Torali Sarma, Zubeen Garg, Kumar Bhabesh

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Bhaworiya ভাৱৰীয়া Assamese Movie 2018



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