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Calendar Upcoming Assamese Movie 2018

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Releasing on 16th Feb 2018 – Check SHOW TIMING 

Calendaran upcoming full length Assamese Movie directed by Himjyoti Talukdar under Enajori talkies banner. This movie will be releasing on February 16, 2018.

Cast: Moloya Goswami, Arun Nath, Rimjhim Deka, Gunjan Bhardwaj.

calendar Assamese movie


Mr. Hitesh Kakati a retired teacher and his wife Manorama Kakati lives in a small town. Their son Arunav stays in Delhi with his wife, who is non-Assamese. They are very beloved to Hitesh and Manorama Kakati, and they too love their parents a lot. But the circumstances changes when Arunav comes home during Bihu and tells his mother, a major crisis he is facing in his professional life. She plans to help out Arunav in her own way. Manorama all the times notes down her monthly different activities in a calendar. She marks every event in that calendar with a circle mentioning the occasion. But surprisingly she marks a few dates with no mentioning anything, which then leads to the discovery of a dissimilar story, disturbing the life of Hitesh Kakati.


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Music Director: Torali Sharma

Producer: Himjyoti Talukdar, Dikhit Das

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Releasing on 16th Feb 2018 – Check SHOW TIMING 

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