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Movie Title: Aborton

Genre: Drama

Year: 1993

Run Time:

Director: Dr. Bhabendranath Saikia

Producer: Dr. Bhabendranath Saikia

Writer : Dr. Bhabendra Nath Saikia

Dialogue :

Screenplay : Dr. Bhabendranath Saikia

Music Director : Dilip Roy, Narayan Boruah, Debeswar Sharma

Cinematographer : Kamal Nayak

Editing :

Choreography :

Awards/Nominations/Screening : Rajat Kamal Award- National Film Award

Cast : Mridula Barua, Tapan Das

Playback Singer :

Lyricist :

Plot : Story of an artist of a mobile theater company.

Budget : N/A

Box Office Collection: N/A


Aborton ( Abartan ) ( Assamese: আবর্তন ) ( Eng. On the run )  is another master piece from Dr. Bhabendra Nath Xhoikia (Saikia). 

Mridula Borua and Tapan Das played the lead roles.

Cast :

Mridula Barua, Tapan Das, Chetana Das, Jayanta Das, Binita Das, Juri Sharma, Dr. Hemen Barman, Mintoo Baruah, Lakshmi Das, Lakshmi Borthakur, Jibeswar Deka, Tirtha Barua,  Mitali Baishya, Utsav Deka,  Silpishikha Barua, Pradip Bora,  Kishore Sharma, Babul Khataniar, Binoo Kalita, Pratibha Choudhuri, Champak Sharma, Hemanta Choudhury, Raben Roy.

Aborton won the “National Film Award ( Rajat Kamal ) for Best Feature Film in Assamese Language (Best Film in Regional Language) in 1994.

It was selected for screening in Indian Penorama.

Story: Aborton is a story of Joyonti (played by Mridula Borua), star actress of a mobile theater company in Assam. Due to family’s poor economic condition and some other family issues Joyonti decided to join a theater company although it was not her first choice of profession. Initially her conservative family opposed her decision to join the theater company but she did not had any other choice. She was very good in singing , dancing and other form of arts and eventually she became the star actress of the mobile theater company. In this way she completed almost 12 years of life. Her whole family back home was dependent on her income only.

During this period, her younger sister also got married.

In the meantime, Joyonti met Mr. Porimol Dutta (played by Tapan Das), an engineer by profession and slowly their friendship turned into love. Joyonti gave a thought about her marriage with Porimol, but she faced a lot of obstacles from different sides.  First of all her family members. Althought, her age of getting married was passing, nobody from her family ever suggested, ever asked her whether she wants to get married or not or shown any kind of interest about her marriage. Their concern was, if she get married then the only source of income will be ceased. The company owner doesn’t want her to get married as well, as she will quit her acting career once she gets married and she is the start actress of the theater group. The theater company authority threatened her that they will sue her in the court on the basis of breach of contract and breaking the terms of the agreement with the company.

Later Joyonti managed the issue tactfully and left her acting career without creating any harm to anyone. Joyonti got married with Porimol and started a new chapter of her life.

Dr. Bhabendra Nath Xhoikia was associated with “Abahon Theater” for quite long time. There he met a lot of theater artists and got a chance to observe their life from very near which motivated him to write the story of Aborton.


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