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Movie Title: Agnisnan

Genre: Drama

Year: 1985

Run Time: 2 h 52 m

Director: Dr. Bhabendra Nath Saikia

Producer: Dr. Bhabendra Nath Saikia

Writer : Dr. Bhabendra Nath Saikia

Dialogue :

Screenplay : Dr. Bhabendra Nath Saikia

Music Director : Torun Goswami

Cinematographer : Kamal Nayak

Editing : Nikunja Bhattacharya

Choreography :

Awards/Nominations/Screening : National Award - Best Screenplay, Rajat Kamal Award

Cast : Biju Phukan, Moloya Goswami, Kashmiri Saikia Boruah

Playback Singer :

Lyricist :

Plot : Revenge story of a wife whose husband got married again

Budget : N/A

Box Office Collection: N/a

Agnisnaan, (Eng: Fire-bath) (Assamese: অগ্নিস্নান) another masterpiece from Dr. Bhabendra Nath Saikia. The movie was released in the year 1985 and won several awards like his other movies.

The movie is based on Saikia’s famous novel Antareep.

Cast: Biju Phukan, Moloya Goswami, Kashmiri Saikia Baruah, Arun Nath, Indra Bania, Chetana Das, Ananda Mohan Bhagawati etc.

Story: The movie is set in Assam, 1930’s during the British rule. Mohikanto ( played by Biju Phukan ) is a rich business man and rice mill owner supported by the British Government. Menoka ( played by Moloya Goswami) is his wife and together they have four children.  Mohikanto fell in love with a much younger lady Kiron  ( played by Kashmiri Saikia Baruah ) and one day suddenly he married her and brought her to home as second wife. and their eldest son was quite angry because of this. Menoka, avoided further physical relationship with her husband. In due course of time, Kiran become pregnant. Menoka feels to be abandoned. When Mohikanto approaches Menoka for sexual desires, she refused.

Menoka starts an affair with a village thief Modon ( Played by Arun Nath ) to take revenge on her husband. She got impregnated with Modon. When Mohikanto come to know about this, he demands an explanation from Menoka for her infidelity. Menoka says, as he brought Kiran as second wife and made her pregnant and Menoka accepted it, in the same manner Mohikanto should also accept her.  She gave birth to Modon’s child Dhruva. Although Mohikanto knew, that it is not his child and he was furious on Menoka but he had to shut his mouth fearing the embarrassment in the society.

Menoka says, “Everything should be same – either it is peace of mind or misery.”

Awards, Screening, Honors & Recognition:

  • National Award Best Screenplay – 1985;
  • National award Rajat Kamal for best Regional Film -1985;
  • Selected for Indian Panorama;
  • Selected for Pyongyang Film Festival, North Korea-1986;
  • Selected for Dhaka Film Festival, Bangladesh;
  • Selected for Silver Jubilee Festival of Independence, Algeria;
  • Selected for Festival des 3 Continents – France – 1986;


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