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Movie Title: Alifa

Genre: Drama and Socio Political

Year: 2018

Run Time:

Director: Deep Choudhury

Producer: Armaan Ahmed

Writer : Deep Choudhury

Dialogue :

Screenplay : Deep Choudhury

Music Director : Bickram Ghosh

Cinematographer : Nahid Ahmed

Editing : Rabiranjan Maitra

Choreography :

Awards/Nominations/Screening : Won Best Debut Film of A Director award - Deep Choudhury , 64th National Film Awards, 2017

Cast : Pakija Hasmi, Jaya Seal, Baharul Islam, Victor Banerjee, Pabitra Rabha

Playback Singer :

Lyricist :

Plot : The flick shows the difficulty of Miya Muslims who face misery and hostility at various stages, it could have attached in how erosion, obligatory shift impacts other groups as well.

Budget : N/A

Box Office Collection: N/A

Alifa is a bilingual (Assamese & Bengali) national award winning movie released in 2018. Alifa is written and directed by Deep Choudhury. Producer, Armaan Ahmed. Deep Choudhury’s directorial debut movie Alifa is a story of a family’s struggle suffering in the limits.

Cast: Pakija Hasmi, Jaya Seal, Baharul Islam, Victor Banerjee, Pabitra Rabha, Prasun Gayen, Mahendra Das, Satya Ranjan, , Mahmuda Begum, Sanku Baruah, Rayan Abdul, , Tajmal Hussain, Swapna Dey


Young Alifa and her family lives in a hill mountain in the city of Guwahati like many others living in the hill consist of of Muslims of East Bengal origin commonly known as ‘Miya’ Muslims. They hail from Borpeta district of Assam, as they lost their home due to the soil erosion of Beki river a tributary of mighty Brahmaputra River. Alifa’s parents Ali ( portrayed by Baharul Islam) and Fatima (portrayed by Jaya Seal) works as daily wage laborers while she and her younger brother Faizal stays home or wander everywhere in the neighborhood. They are waiting for a school to open in the locality to restart their education.

As a result, they were forced to migrate to the city and start living illegally in forest land. But this also comes with a price. The dishonest forest official usually extorts money from them for not evicting them from the forest land. Ali’s family already revolving in insufficiency faces dual misery when he loses his job at a building site. He is forced to take up odd unskilled jobs in the city. He continuously faces embarrassing taunts of people remarking on his socio-religious background. He is often abused as a Bangladeshi. This shows the issue of Bangladeshi illegal immigration in Assam.

Ali’s personal life also faces chaos when his wife Fatima has an extramarital affair. Amidst all this, an acute man-nature battle put in danger the lives of these people living illegally in the forest land. A leopard is seen wandering in the hill and it attacks a number of people Young Alifa also loses her life to this conflict. And this was the final blow to Ali’s disturbed life. Towards the end, the movie shows the varied responses of Alifa’s family to her demise.


  • Won Best Debut Film of A Director award – Deep Choudhury , 64th National Film Awards, 2017 ;
  • Official Selection All Lights India International Film Festival, 2017;
  • Best Film, Ottawa Indian Film Festival Awards, 2017;
  • Innovation in Moving Images, 22nd Kolkata International Film Festival, 2016;
  • Best Film in Other Language, Prag Cine Awards, 2017;
  • Best Cinematography, Prag Cine Awards, 2017;


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