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Aparajeyo (Oporajeyo)

Movie Title: Aparajeyo (Oporajeyo)

Genre: Drama and Romantic

Year: 1970

Run Time:

Director: Phani Talukdar, Atul Bordoloi, Munin Bayon, Gauri Barman

Producer: Phani Talukdar ( Chaturanga )

Writer : Phani Talukdar

Dialogue :

Screenplay :

Music Director : Salil Chowdhury

Cinematographer :

Editing :

Choreography :

Awards/Nominations/Screening :

Cast : Tara, Bidya rao, Parag Chaliha, Rakhi, Prasanta Hazarika

Playback Singer : Lata Mangeshkar, Manna Dey, Sabita Chowdhury, Prahlad Das

Lyricist :

Plot : Love story of a refugee girl from east Bengal and a guy from Borpeta Assam

Budget : N/A

Box Office Collection: N/A

Aparajeyo ( Pronounced: Oporajeyo) (Eng. The Undefeated, Assamese: অপৰাজেয়) an Assamese movie released on 6th May 1970.

Cast: Tara, Bidya Rao, Porag Chaliha, Rakhi, Prasanta Hazarika.

Phani Talukdar, Atul Bordoloi, Munin Bayon, Gauri Barman collectively directed Oporajeyo.

The story of the movie surrounds a refugee Bengali girl from east Bengal (portrayed by famous Bollywood and Bengali actress Rakhi Majumdar, also known as Rakhi Gukzar)  and a guy from Borpeta Assam (portrayed by Prasanta Hazorika) . They fall in love, came across cross cultural issues and how they overcame these obstacles is the main theme of the movie.

Salil Chowdhury was the music director. This was  Salil Chowdhury’s  first Assamese film. Although Salil Chaowdhury born in West Bengal but he was brought up in Assam spent his childhood there. He was the music director of another Assamese movie Mansash Kanya (Manoxh Konya) Direted by Phani Talukdar in 1985.

Director Atul Borodoloi passed away on 11th August 2010. He directed movies like- Bonoria Phool -1973, Anutap -1973, Kallol – 1978, Megh – 1979 etc. Atual Bordoloi received the “National Award for Best Regional Film” for his feature film Kallol.

Movie Sound Tracks:

Song Title Singers/Artists
Akaxh Akouw Akaxh Lata Mangeshkar
Hey Chal Chal Hai Moore Burha Bolod Manna Dey
Aalir Dhaare Laal Laal Manna Dey, Sabita Choudhury
Hori He Aahaa Re O Prohlad Das

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