Dooronir Rong ( Duranir Rang) assamese movie 1979

Dooronir Rong ( Duronir Rang )

Movie Title: Dooronir Rong

Genre: Drama

Year: 1979

Run Time: 2 h 57 m

Director: Jones Moholia

Producer: Jones Moholia

Writer : Jones Moholia

Dialogue :

Screenplay :

Music Director : Ajit Singha

Cinematographer : Indukalpa Hazarika, Jaykrishna Patra

Editing :

Choreography :

Awards/Nominations/Screening :

Cast : Nipon Goswami, Biju Phukan, Purnima Pathak, Tasadduf Yusuf

Playback Singer : Pulak Banerji, Aroti Mukherji, Haimanti Shukla

Lyricist : Rubi Singha, Bankim Sharma, Gholam Samdani

Plot :

Budget : N/A

Box Office Collection: N/A

Dooronir Rong ( Duranir Rang) (Assamese: দুৰনিৰ ৰং) is an Assamese full length feature film released in 1979. It was Jones Moholia’s first movie as director and producer. Dooronir Rong established Jones as an acclaimed director.

Cast: Nipon GoswamiBiju Phukan, Purnima Pathok, Junu Barua,  Tasadduf Yusuf, Chandradhar Goswami, Chetona Das, Rupjyoti Das, Reeta Moholia,  Prafulla Barua, Nirode Choudhury.

Synopsis: Ashim Dutta, got a job as an assistant manager in a mill. There he met a corrupt manager and an careless staff. Juri Borua, a lady employee of the mill, lost a key document, for which Ashim Dutta fires her from the company. Later he realizes that he did wrong to Juri when he found that the document was destroyed by another staff Sunita, but not Juri Borua. Ashim felt sorry for the situation and tried to apologize to Juri Borua. Ashim learns that Juri has a personal association with the manager. Later Ashim was charged with the manager’s death. In due course of time, Juri came to know all the incidents. She tries to find Ashim Dutta to apologize to him, but when she reached him he was already dead in a hospital.

Movie Sound Track:

Song Title Artist/Singer
 Moi Aaji Xhongibihin Pulok Banerjee
Jilimili Jilimili Aroti Mukherjee
 Ei Rongin Raat Mein  Hoimanti Shukla


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