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Kuhkhal ( Kuxhol )

Movie Title: Kuhkhal ( Kuxhol )

Genre: Biopic, Drama, Historical, and Political

Year: 1998

Run Time: 1 h 56 m

Director: Jahnu Borua

Producer: Jahnu Borua

Writer :

Dialogue :

Screenplay : Jahnu Borua

Music Director :

Cinematographer : P. Rajan

Editing : Hiu En Borua

Choreography :

Awards/Nominations/Screening : National Award - Best Regional Film, Indian Panorama

Cast : Sanjib Sabhapandit, Bina Potongia, Dinesh Das, Gary Richardson,

Playback Singer :

Lyricist :

Plot : Biopic of Kuxhol Koowor, martyr of India's independent movement ( Quit India Movement )

Budget : N/A

Box Office Collection: N/A

Kuhkhal ( Kuxhol ) ( Assamese: কুশল ), an Assamese movie directed by internationally acclaimed director Jahnu Borua. Although the movie was finished and got national award in the the year 1999, but it was released in the theater on 14th December 2001.

Kuxhol was financed by Directorate of Cultural Affairs, Government of Assam.

Cast: Sanjib Sabhapandit, Bina Potongia, Dinesh Das,  Anup Hazarika, Prithvraj Rabha, Sakir Hazarika Gary Richardson and Paul Carlin

Story: Biopic of Kuxhol Koowor, martyr of India’s independent movement ( Quit India Movement  1942 ).

Kuxhol was the president Sorupothar ( Xhorupothar ) Congress Committee. In 1942, the Congress Working Committee passed the “Quit India” resolution which demanded complete withdrawal of the British from the India. Mahatma Gandhi gave the call of “do or die” to the people of India. The people of Assam also joined the Quite India movement. British government arrested and jailed many prominent leaders of Assam. Many people engaged in violent path which was complete opposite of Mahatma Gandhi’s non-violent movement. on 10th October 1942, a few freedom fighters removed some sleepers of the train line near Xhorupotha, in Golaghat district and subsequently there was a derailment incident of a train which was carrying British and American soldiers. A lot of soldiers lost their lives. British army tried hard to catch the culprits and the local people were harassed a lot.

The police accused Kuxhol was charged as the architect of the train sabotage plan. He was arrested although he was innocent. Subsequently he was produced in the court which convicted him as guilty even though there was no proof against him and he was sentenced to death by hanging.


  • National Award – Best Regional Film, 1999;
  • Screened at Indian Panorama, 1999;


Box Office Collection: Although the movie won national awards but as usual the response from the Assamese audience towards Assamese movies was very poor and it did not do well at the box office.



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