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Pita Putro

Movie Title: Pita Putra ( Pita Putro)

Genre: Drama

Year: 1988

Run Time:

Director: Munin Borua

Producer: Vijay Narayan Tiwari

Writer : Amulya Kakati

Dialogue :

Screenplay :

Music Director : Bhupen Uzir

Cinematographer :

Editing :

Choreography :

Awards/Nominations/Screening :

Cast : Biju Phukan, Monjula Borua, Abdul Majid, Mirel Kudus , Baharul Islam

Playback Singer : Samar Hazorika, Ashok Saikia, Dolly Ghosh

Lyricist : Hemanta Dutta

Plot : About an honest middle class family and their struggle

Budget : N/A

Box Office Collection: N/A

Pita Putra (Pita-Putro) (Eng. Father & Son) (Assamese: পিতা-পুত্ৰ) is an Assamese movie, released in the year 1987.  The movie was produced by Vijay Narayan Tiwari.

Cast: Biju Phukan, Monjula Borua, Bijay Shankar, Rajeev Goswami, Mirel Kudus , Baharul Islam , Abdul Majid , Jayanta Das , Sanjib Hazarika, Purobi Sharma.

Synopsis: The movie is about Avinondon Choliha‘s ( portrayed by Biju Phukan) family life. He belongs to a middle class family and is known for his honesty. He wanted to lead his life based on the values of honesty and self-respect. His family encompassed of a wife (portrayed by Monjula Borua), two sons and a daughter. He was a man who never wanted to measure heights of achievement by money-oriented attractions, he never wanted to live a materialistic life. Once his elder son was sick and he was sort of money for better treatment, he had to borrow money from a rich guy (portrayed by Bijay Shankar). He got the money but by the time he reaches home, his son died. With the tragic fate of his son‘s sudden death, he decided to give up all his ideologies of honesty, morality that he used to follow. He tries his fate in business with dishonest means. Very soon he turns in to a reputable businessman with a enormous assets. However, his second son who grows to be a journalist was not in favor of father‘s newly acquired fraudulent way of life. He urges his father to become once more the old Avinondon Choliha who was always known and admired for his honesty. His son makes him understand his faults and thus Choliha leaves his corrupt lifestyle and resumes his life as an truthful and diligent businessman.

pita putra assamese movie munin barua pita putro
Biju Phukan & Bijay Shankar in a scene

Movie Soundtrack:

Song Title Artist / Singer
Tumaak Palu Moi Bhoolore Maajote
Din Baagorile Saa Saa Samar Hazorika


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