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Mission China – Will it Change The Assamese Movie Industry Scenario

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Mission China - Paving The Way of Assamese Movie Industry's Bright Future

Author: PK (8 Sep. 2017)

Today, on 8th Sep. 2017, the most awaited movie of the year, Zubeen Garg’s Mission China got released in 62 theaters across India. ( In 50  theaters in Assam, 3 theaters in Meghalaya, 2 in Arunachal Pradesh, 2 in Delhi, 1 in Mumbai, 2 in Bangaluru and in 2 theaters in Pune ).

Mission China created numerous records and broke many old records –

  • Mission China’s first day box office collection3.82 Million INR. ( 38,25,700 INR )
  • Most expensive film in Assamese Movie Industry till date  with a whooping budget nearing to 30 million INR (2017).
  • 6 new movie halls opened in Assam on 8th September and will show Zubeen’s Mission China.
  • 5-6 cameras are rolling at the same time while shooting which never happened before with Assamese movies. Shooting in 5 different states in India. A lot of new techniques are used while shooting.
  • Took almost 2 years to complete the movie.
  • The song “Din Jwole Raati Jwole”got around 200,000 views within 24 hours of its release in Youtube.
  • In small town like Mongoldoi, Assam – all tickets sold out for the first 6 days. In Delhi and Mumbai same situation for the first weekend. “House full” or “all tickets sold out” became a common term associated with this movie. Tinisukia, Guwalpara, Lokhimpur, Nolbari- everywhere house full sign boards are seen in-front of movie halls.
  • Got coverage in national TV channels.
  • Till now, nobody did a marketing campaign similar to what Zubeen and Mission China team did. Mission China team was always in news for travelling across the state for last one month either upper or lower Assam, day or night. The team went to almost every corner of the state and met fans personally and promoted the movie.
  • First time, an Assamese movies is released across the country simultaneously in metros like Mumbai, Delhi, in Pune, Bangaluru and other North eastern states like Meghalaya and Arunachal Pradesh.

Current Assamese Movie Industry:

Some might find the above mentioned records funny, if they compare with South India’s Bahubali or Salman, Amir, Shahrukh Khan’s movies. But if we compare these with the movies that were released in past few years and considering the current situation of Assamese movie industry then one will understand what is big about Mission China. In Guwahati, in past few years, a few movie halls closed down ( e.g. Udeshna, Kelvin, Rupayon, Rupashree etc.). Similar situation with a few cinema halls in other districts of Assam. Halls closed down because of various reasons, but mainly because of lack of audiences. The golden era of Assamese movies faded away. Once there was movies like Ajoli Nobou, Dr. Bezborua, Koka Deuta Nati Aru Haati, Ojola Kokai brought people out of their homes to movie halls, but suddenly all of a sudden everything stopped. Ahsok Kumar Bishaya’s “Joubone Aamoni Kore” brought some wave back, Munin Borua’s “Hiya Diya Niya”, “Nayok” tried to continue but did not lasted long. Suddenly a new wave came – VCD movies. People started relying on VCD movies. Movie halls started shutting down. It is still a question, while the whole world praise and watch Bhabendra Nath Saikia and Jahnu Borua’s movies but Assamese people will not buy a ticket when it is released in movie halls. But at the same time if a Khan movie is released then definitely it will gather a lot of audiences. Where these people hide when there is an Assamese movie at the theater. In later time, if someone want to see some Assamese movie , the first question that pops up is – can you transfer it into my thumb-drive. These are various reasons of the downfall of Assamese movie industry.

Controversies –

The venue of the premier show of Mission China was changed at the eleventh hour as allegedly the authority of the multiplex where Mission China was supposed to be premiered cancelled the show. A few audiences allegedly made the movie live from the movie hall via Facebook live application. Later a case is registered in Bhorolu Police station, Guwahati against the alleged youth by the Mission China producer Garima Saikia Garg.

Looking at the bright side, all tickets are all sold out in Guwahati along with other cities and towns in Assam for the whole first week. Hope this movie will bring a new trend and will give a boost to the Assamese movie industry.

Zubeen and Mission China team is quite optimistic about the movie and says if it performs according to the expectations then may be in next 2-3 years new movie halls will open up in the state and definitely it will have a positive impact on the economy of the state as well.


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