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Mission China And 8th September-Relation

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Why Zubeen Garg Picked 8th September to Release Mission China

There is a reason Why Zubeen Garg picked 8th September to release his dream project Mission China.

On 8th September, 1962, a 60-strong People Liberation Army unit, China descended to the south side of the mountain ridge and occupied positions that dominated one of the Indian posts at Dhola, Assam.

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After a series of military operations from both the sides, the then Chinese premier Zhou sent Indian PM Nehru a letter, suggesting a negotiated settlement of the border.

The Then PM of India, Nehru’s 27 October response articulated attention in the process of rebuilding peace and harmonious relationships with the Chinese and advised them to return to the “border prior to 8 September 1962”.

8th September plays a significant role in Sino-Indian War in 1962.

ln an interview Zubeen mentioned about this incident and his plan to release his dream project on 8 September.

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