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Zubeen’s New Venture – ZULU (জুলু)

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Zubeen Garg always comes with a new idea. Right now he is trying hard to revive the Assamese movie industry. For this purpose he poured 2.5 crore INR in his 2017 movie venture Mission China which was a big success. His upcoming movie is The Underworld which is waiting for release.  “Kanchanjangha” is his next film and shooting is going on in full swing in different parts of Assam. During a Bihu function on 4th May, 2018, at Lalmaati, Guwahati, Assam, Zubeen reveals his new venture “Zulu” (জুলু), a full length Assamese  feature film which he will start in 2019.

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Ranju Hazorika is quite a familiar and popular name among the readers in Assam. In last couple of decades Ranju Hazorika has written more than 750 books/novels. He writes primarily in Assamese language in almost all the genres like adventure, horror, sci-fi, thriller, social, comedy, children’s books etc. Ranju Hazorika’s real name is Kumud Chandra Hazorika. Ranju Hazorika is his pen name.

His novel “Zulu” (জুলু) was one among his most popular books. Ranju Hazarika’s novel Zulu was published as 3D animated movie in 2012. The main character ‘Zulu’ is a wild buffalo.

Now, Zubeen Garg bought a buffalo on 3rd May 2018 and on 4th May 2018, during the Rongali Bihu function at Lalmati, he announced his project about making a movie on Ranju Hazorika’s famous novel Zulu and thus he bought a buffalo and it will go under training for one year to prepare it for the movie.

In past, Zubeen Garg has adopted one Rhino as well.

Zulu would be the first Assamese movie to be made where the central character is an animal.


Zubeen Garg’s movie ” The Underworld “

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